Solar Systems

Solar Systems

At BJ Energy, all of your solar system services are in one place. With a passion for renewable energy, we are committed to playing a major role in offering sustainable solar options that cater to you. Whether you’re finally making the switch to solar or looking to update your solar system here in Adelaide, BJ Energy will take you through the whole process end-to-end to completely understand exactly what your solar needs are for your home, office or enterprise.

With an optimised solar system, along with our thorough knowledge and understanding of renewable energy, we can work with any existing system to improve, repair or expand it with ease and efficiency here in Adelaide.

While a low price point may be tempting, at BJ Energy we encourage our clients to look at solar as a long-term investment that will cut your costs in the long run. We will discuss with you one-on-one about the whole process, from choosing your solar panels right through to solar installation and future maintenance. Bringing you cost effective solutions that last for decades and helping you make the switch to solar power has never been easier with BJ Energy.

We offer optimised and string type systems and also work in a range of solar and battery services from panel cleaning to inverter replacements and upgrades. Not only do we care about providing quality solar systems in Adelaide for our clients, we’re passionate about helping the planet too. For every solar system we sell, we donate a portion of proceeds to Trees For Life, a not-for-profit conservation community determined to protect and re-establish biodiverse ecosystems.

Get in touch with us to find out how a solar system can help you save today.