Battery Systems

Solar Battery Systems

Renewable energy is on the rise and taking advantage of the home battery rebate here in Adelaide is a great incentive if you’re looking to switch to solar and battery.

Each solar battery and installation is unique to the needs of the client and we take into account your available roof space, climate and surrounding shade, building orientation and the needs of your home, office or enterprise. If you’re a commercial business in Adelaide looking to save more on your power bills and help reduce your footprint on the planet, we recommend getting a solar battery system to help. Batteries are used to store energy produced from your solar panels during the daytime, instead of selling the energy back to the grid. Once the sun goes down your batteries begin to release the stored energy at night time – optimising your solar panels and saving you in the long run.

A battery may help you save more than you know, as well as having backup capabilities that can save your home or office in an emergency. Say you have a storefront and want to use solar power – using solar batteries would mean you can save your products and perishables in a power outage or blackout, saving you thousands as your store and its contents are secure under your renewable energy system.

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